Giving (Up)

So NaPoBlo goes on all the time and March's theme is giving (up). The up is in parentheses if you are giving something up, otherwise you talk about what you are giving. Let's roll it all into one big post: I am giving up: my job, my "friend", my friends, caring, and money. (not listed in order of importance) I am giving: my absolute everything I have into a program that has teachers that can never be satisfied and no matter what you do, they are not happy. Does this sound like a balanced life?


I get it...

Ugh! Can I just say that? Ugh! I don't even want to get into details. Ugh. Non-appreciative, silly, young, people. Ugh.


Tristin's dance moves

So there was this girl at the Britney-oke contest, her name was Tristin...and this video of her is really funny. I sure am glad I didn't do anything like this :)

And yes, I think all she knows how to do is slap her own butt.



I hate morals. I wish I did not have them.


Be still, my beating heart!

eat up!

N and I are going to do a sushi eating contest. It's not volume because he is a bottomless pit and I am not completely bottomless. There is a local business here, Bushido, and they have a contest that if you can eat all 10 spiciness levels of their spicy tuna roll, you get a $50 gift card. The good news is that you can eat these rolls over any period of time, so we wont' both be shoveling sushi in and kicking ourselves later when all the rice expands and we burst open.
We both are confident that our selves can finish but doubt the other's ability. What should the wager be for our contest? We are both broke so monetary bets are out. He wont' clean up to my standards, so cleaning is out. What is there left for friends to bet?

Britney-oke! Part 2!

Ok...there have been some changes.

Song: I Love Rock and Roll (yes, she covered it)
Look: the karaoke scene from her movie

Now I just have to muster up the courage to do this...perhaps some trial karaoke tonight!



Ok...so there is a Britney Spears karaoke contest here and I totally want to enter it. I know, I can't sing (neither can Britney). I know, I don't have the body to wear that (neither does Britney). I think I should win. So the question is:

What song should I go for?

What look should I go for?

Here's where I'm at right now:
Song: Radar
Look: Slave for You

Or Video Slave for You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbjOBZXS4dA sorry, embedding is disabled.

The contest is on Wednesday so I'm kinda on a time crunch.