I just got done telling my mom the other day that I don't ever go out to bars (true statement) and yet I spent today on the couch nursing a hangover. I went bowling with A and her husband last night....I'm a much better bowler halfway thru a pitcher of beer!! However, all the way thru the pitcher? Things went back downhill. The black lights & music video directly above the pins didn't help matters.
A and I decided we should keep drinking after we got home. Why that was a good idea, I'm still not sure. We had just finished off her Skinny Girl margarita mix when she announced she was out of liquor. That should have been our sign to stop but I remembered I had the makings of a margarita at my house!! I dashed next door & returned with tequila in hand. Now I should have learned my lesson the other week when I didn't remember the events of the night I drank these margaritas...but do I ever learn? No. Sadly no. So I mixed us up some more drinks and that's all I remember.
I'm never drinking again. I'm certainly never cleaning up regurgitated rice & cheese fries - is it a bad sign when your vomit is greasy? After 9 hours, my headache & urge to vomit are gone....and I feel like I can handle drinking. Water, silly folks, water!
I'm pretty sure her husband enjoyed the singalong that occured though. I'm pretty sure most of you have not heard me sing...but I'm just sayin, Mariah Carey took singing lessons from me and I taught her some pretty good tips.


La Computadora

Alas, I think it is time for a new computer. I have spent the last hour (yes hour, you read that correctly) trying to get the computer booted. It turned on & when I pulled it from the table to my lap to begin typing...the power cord came out & the computer turned off. So I began the process again. I'm terrified to move, thinking the computer will shut off again. I'm going to try to make this one last a few more months - I rarely get on it, using my phone or computer at work more often than not. Any suggestions? Laptop? Desktop? Know of any good deals? In late August, we have tax free day for "school supplies" so I'll probably aim to get one around then.
Not much else new has been happening. I tried to give my...well...I don't know what he is...food poisoning last night. I served him half cooked chicken. hahaha, no not on purpose. I kept eating mine until he said it was not supposed to be red & that I should cook it longer. The chicken was really good though You made a serrano pepper & rosemary butter to put under the skin & then you grilled it. The meat was moist (although that could have been the rawness that made it moist) & flavorful. I'll be making that one again, although I'll make sure to adjust the cooking time so as not to poison anyone else.
Ok, I feel like I'm pushing my luck so I'm going to hit save & will perhaps be back sooner than a month to update you on whatever else may be happening in my life.