I just got done telling my mom the other day that I don't ever go out to bars (true statement) and yet I spent today on the couch nursing a hangover. I went bowling with A and her husband last night....I'm a much better bowler halfway thru a pitcher of beer!! However, all the way thru the pitcher? Things went back downhill. The black lights & music video directly above the pins didn't help matters.
A and I decided we should keep drinking after we got home. Why that was a good idea, I'm still not sure. We had just finished off her Skinny Girl margarita mix when she announced she was out of liquor. That should have been our sign to stop but I remembered I had the makings of a margarita at my house!! I dashed next door & returned with tequila in hand. Now I should have learned my lesson the other week when I didn't remember the events of the night I drank these margaritas...but do I ever learn? No. Sadly no. So I mixed us up some more drinks and that's all I remember.
I'm never drinking again. I'm certainly never cleaning up regurgitated rice & cheese fries - is it a bad sign when your vomit is greasy? After 9 hours, my headache & urge to vomit are gone....and I feel like I can handle drinking. Water, silly folks, water!
I'm pretty sure her husband enjoyed the singalong that occured though. I'm pretty sure most of you have not heard me sing...but I'm just sayin, Mariah Carey took singing lessons from me and I taught her some pretty good tips.

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Amy said...

"Sweet Caroline...buh buh buhhhh...." Loved it. Had a great night with you, horrid morning, but great night!