Grinchin' It Up

I'm being a grinch. Yesterday & Sunday I finally felt like I was starting to get into the holiday spirit. I was even disappointed this morning when the other employees asked if we could play something other than Christmas music. I don't know what happened...well, I do know what happened. I have been talking to my patients about travel plans for the holiday season and the more I talk about my travel plans, the less I want to do them. I mean, don't take it the wrong way. I want to go home. I want to spend Christmas with my family. But to do that, it means that a) I'll be home less than 24 hours and b)I'll miss games & movies on Christmas night. I would drive up to Fay on Thursday night, drive up to MD Friday morning, drive back to Fay Saturday afternoon and then back down to Charleston Sunday morning. I don't know what to do! It's just so much driving in such a short period of time. I could fly...but it's expensive and I don't know what I'd do with my dog. I could have my dad come down here (or I could go up there) but the idea of that prospect is depressing. We won't exchange gifts because he'll say he can't afford anything and he is the MOST difficult person to buy for in the history of difficult people. We'll go to dinner and then come back home and sit in silence. That's almost more depressing than sitting around by myself. I just don't know what to do...
I can hear C now. He'd say "Aw, buck up babe, lots of people spend Christmas by themselves. I'm doing it. You can always come down here. We'll lay on the couch all day and watch movies." Maybe we'd even make grilled cheese & tomato soup. Except he won't speak to me to say that so he is not saying it. Plus, he's got his new gf now (maybe, I dunno if that's true or not but for the sake of my pity party it is now) so there is not room for me there.
I'm just throwing a pity party for myself right now. I'm sure I have friends in the area I could spend Christmas with but it's just not the same. I want to go home. But I want to go home without stressing myself out to the max with 20 hours of driving in a 96 hour period. :(


What Is Wrong With You?!

I've had at least 3 patients in the past couple weeks who have either cancelled their appointments bc of or complained during the appointment or in some way attributed dental pain to their period. I mean, really? Haven't you been dealing with said cycle for many years? Isn't this old news? I still have to go to work when I have mine. I still have to function. Plus, I'm working in your mouth. If you weren't sure, that's the opposite end of the body. Grow up...it sucks sometimes but take some advil and move on.
Secondly, I made it to the gym again. I'm still not sure how the run will go on Saturday but Early said he's ready to carry me if I fall down and die.



I found someone to play Skipbo with me! Seriously, I am the happiest girl alive. 4 rousing games and Early & I are all tied up. I think we will know who will emerge the victorious one...um, yes, clearly the answer is me.



I'm exhausted. I've been driving for 13 hours...well not straight, I did take a 4 got break at the W's for dinner. Anyways point is, I'm tired and going to bed. It's my last day to sleep in and I plan on taking advantage of it.


Wrapping It Up

NaBloPoMo is almost over!! I've mostly stuck to it with only 1 cheat day...which I still stand by the fact that it's not my fault I missed that day. I blame Early. I feel like most of my posts have been decent too - none of that "I don't want to blog" crap and that's it. Well..ok there have been a couple of those but not too many.
Tomorrow I'm headed back to Charleston so a long day of driving. I'm going to try to set a goal for myself. Don't laugh. Or scold. I'm going to try not to text the whole time I'm driving tomorrow! I know, it's a big goal. I'm gonna try though.
Also...I feel kinda dumb. I got a text from Early yesterday that said "basically I miss you and Thanksgiving is just ok." I thought it was sweet but odd...and while it's not a lie, I would love to have him around, I don't know if miss is exactly the right word. I said I missed him too...and...no answer. huh...made me think he meant to send that to someone else (thinking maybe his family/sister/mom??) and then unfortunately, once something is sent in text world, it's gone. And I don't think it was meant for me because it didn't really follow along with the conversation we were having. We were talking about running and he came out with that. I didn't realize it didn't make sense until after I replied with me saying I missed him too (again, not really a lie...just not the word I would use. Don't ask what word I would use because I don't know)..now I feel dumb.


Happy Thanksgiving Project V!

So project v took a turn for the worse yesterday. I ate stromboli. It was soooo good. Although not as good as it normally is. Not sure what was missing. Today? I tackle turkey. Then...finally...on Sunday, or maybe Monday, I'll go back to being a vegetarian. I'm a little nervous to see what this change in diet does to my weigh in next week. Ideally I will have dropped 3 pounds to make up for my gain last week. Unfortunately I don't think we live in an ideal world.
And because it's Thanksgiving, things I am thankful for:
-good family & friends
-my usually good dog
-jobs that I mostly like going to on a daily basis
-my teeth
-that this giant zit on my head will be gone by the time I see early again.
-homemade stuffing
-santa puzzles


Mini break

I'm taking a mini break from driving. Here are some thoughts that have occurred as I was driving.
-I'm so glad I have all my teeth. It's really hard to eat on just your front teeth. Really. It is. Try it.
-I hope C has a good Thanksgiving.
-I really like Early. Maybe I should break things off with him.
-that's the stupidest idea I've ever had. Well, maybe not ever...
-shoot! (not the word I used) I forgot my jacket.
-I need a milkshake.

And the drive continues...


I'm so tired

I'm so tired and all I want to do is sleep in tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to wake up to start my drive so I'm not stuck in traffic all day. I can't wait for the days off work though...if only vacation could last forever! Oh and I finished my christmas list finally. Now I just need to type it up and send it off to Santa. And family. And the W's.


All I Want For Christmas...

...is a hip replacement. Ok, not really, there's more I want but a hip replacement does seem to be on the list. I decided that in order to a)promote my running habit and b)decrease my soda habit, I will run 1 mile for every soda I drink. Yesterday I had to make up for 2 miles - 1 on Friday, 1 on Saturday. Plus I did a bunch of lunges. My hips hurt so badly today! I felt like I was waddling during the day today and so it seemed to be a good idea to come home and go for a short, easy run after work today. Plus I needed to make up for the 5 donuts I ate at work. After my run? It's even worse!! I hurt!! All this in preparation for the Reindeer Run so I don't die. Will I be ready? Will I have new hips by then?


Hair? Pull!

I have been stressed out here lately. I'm not sure why -I guess I just feel like I'm always on the go and it's catching up to me. I'm moody and irritable and just want to punch people. Even people I like. So I try to avoid everyone. I'm glad boot camp is wrapping up next week. I feel like I got a couple good workouts that I can do on my own and that will hopefully make a difference. Now if I can just remember to do them...
I've also been working 5 days for the past few weeks - I know, that makes me sound like a whiner but most of my days are 9-10 hour days and that makes for a long day! Plus I sit in the same position, hunched over a mouth all day long. I really prefer my 4 day work weeks. Oh well...at least I don't have to worry about money since I was pretty poor for a few weeks there. That problem should be fixed.
Thanksgiving is coming up, which will be a nice break and it'll be nice to see family and do a Santa Claus puzzle to ring in the Christmas season. Things I'm not looking forward to: driving. being pestered about Early. driving. walking Evie in the cold. Evie waking me up at 6 am when she hears people moving around downstairs.
Oh right, and did I mention I'm supposed to have a Christmas list made up in 4 days? Yeahhhh...I don't really know any inexpensive items that I want or need. Right now on my list is 2 months without credit card bills or student loans, a 52" LCD tv (in working condition), oh and a new laptop would be nice. This one works and I'm appreciative to have it over nothing...but a new one would be better...eh. None of those seem to be under $30...


Oh Man!

Last night was a close one - it was 11:57 and I suddenly realized I had not blogged. I had to cut the post short since it took a little while to type out what little I did manage. So I went to go see a local band play, Permanent Vacation...they are one of my faves. They played at my friend's B & S's wedding and we've been going to see them around town ever since. Early was supposed to go with us but he pleaded sick so he got to stay in. I wasn't super excited about going since I'd had a stressful day at work but I'm glad I went. Not only did I have fun (creepy waiter story coming soon...) but I also got some good ideas for a playlist to get me up to Maryland for Thanksgiving. I spent way too much money at Itunes today and didn't even get halfway through my list. Plus I already had some of the songs!! If anyone is looking for a good generic gift to get me - Itunes gift cards so I can continue this music quest! Or...you could create a CD for me with music you already own from the Permanent Vacation playlist. Just sayin...there's a lot of oldie's on there and I know a certain uncle of mine has a lot of the songs. Just an idea.
Ok so creepy waiter - this guy walks up and looks totally overwhelmed. He's overly apologetic that we've been waiting there so long (less than 5 min) and he'll be right with us, he has 12 credit cards to run and can we believe that the table wanted all their checks separated? Just in case we didn't believe him, he later showed us all the receipts. At some point, he mentioned he moved down here about a year ago and so after he walked away, I commented I bet he moved down here for law school. S said PA or PT at MUSC. I called it - I was right. He was considering going to law school. He was amazed that I could have guessed that and how did I know? I didn't have the heart to tell him he gave off a total douchebag vibe that reeked of lawyerness. Plus I didn't want him to spit in my drinks. Apparently, he thought that my keen sense of perception meant I was interested in him - definitely not the case!! He kept coming up to us and rubbing my shoulder and it was so creepy! It got even worse when he RANDOMLY came out with "Hey, do you know homo erectus? Well this is homo erectus backwards!" and did some weird thing where he shrank into himself that I guess we were supposed to understand. It was creepy. I was glad to leave - without a phone number!


oh crap

I'm out with friends tonight listening to a band and I almost forgot to post!! Good band but creepy waiter. He kept touching my shoulder which I didn't like. I wish early could have made it out but oh well. He was not feeling well. Must post before midnight!


Sweet Computer...I Missed You!!

This month has seemed to fly by and I always seem to be so busy. Between boot camp, dating Early & just life in general...where did the month go? I've been doing most of my posts from my phone since I always seem to be on the go and unable to actually sit down at the computer. I forgot how easy it is to type on the computer!! This goes so much more quickly than the stupid Swype on the stupid phone. Can you tell I'm still not loving the phone? *sigh* I know...this is the worst thing to say, but I'm going to say it anyways - I miss texting & driving. It takes too much concentration on my new phone and I'm going to crash if I try...good news? I rarely try.
Project V is growing more and more difficult. After yesterdays crappy weigh in, I just want to go back to eating meat. Tonight, I was searching for something to eat and all I could find was spaghetti with meat sauce that I had previously frozen and pepperoni pizza. It's like fate is working against me and I should just resign myself to being a carnivore.


What A Day

It was a rough day! The weigh in went horribly...I gained a whole 1.5 pounds. I know, I can hear C now...it's your body. Don't whine about it unless you are willing to change it. Why can I still hear his voice if he won't speak to me?
The day got better after work though. I got a decent nap in, then delicious pizza at mia pomodori. Then it was on to Avenue Q, which was really funny but I felt kinda dirty when the puppets started to get it on. Yes, there was puppet sex. And songs about racism, being gay and how much everyone's life kinda sucks...plus how you should use homeless people's lives to feel better about yours.


Let's Make A Deal

Tonight, at dinner after another grueling boot camp, I made a deal with myself. If I ate food that was out of my comfort zone, I could drink something other than water. I walked past the hot bar and made up my mind. Sage tofu with mushrooms, collards & eggplant casserole. I ate most of it...didn't love any of it. Well, I liked the collards and the tofu was ok...but the texture of it is just so weird! I got green tea flavored with mint & honey. It seemed like a somewhat healthy alternative...it was also not very delicious. Oh well. There is another weigh in at work tomorrow but I'm worried that after my weekend of mac & cheese, baby shower food, and just general unhealthiness, it's not going to work out in my favor.


Plans, Shlans

My plans for today? Didn't happen....the other girl I work with had a family emergency and needed me to work for her this morning. I didn't realize it (or didn't want to...) until this morning so I got to work around 9:30 and didn't get nearly as much done today as I would have liked. I did, however, get a thank you gift mailed to CG for my Chicago trip, made pumpkin cupcakes (haven't tried them yet, hoping for deliciousness!!) to take to Early's for dessert tonight, got my car cleaned out and almost completed my laundry. I still need to get the oil changed in my car & mop my floors but I don't see either one of them happening today. I'm going to put icing on a few cupcakes to take up to my chiropracter buddy and his office staff and then it's off to boot camp. So much for my super productive day - I'll have to settle on a semi-productive day instead.



I have been in a pissy mood all day. I woke up this way and have been trying to shake it all day and every time things started looking up...something happened to make me all pissy again. I'm looking forward to sleep and then my day off tomorrow. What's in store, you ask? Boot camp, cleaning, pumpkin cupcakes, an adjustment and massage, and dinner/The Event with Early.


Long Day!

It's been a long (but good) day. I drove up to Fayetteville for MB's baby shower, getting a later start than I wanted to but it worked out for the best. I had dinner with her and The Guy (who was not as bad as I was expecting but seemed kinda...bland, for lack of a better word). I was all for heading back home after that but felt bad driving all that way and not seeing The W's. I sucked it up and drove over there and am so glad I did. I love them so much and even though I wanted to fall asleep the whole way home, it would have been worth it. I'm finally home now and ready to fall in bed.
Oh yeah, I briefly (very briefly) entertained the idea of seeing if Early might be interested in coming home with me for T-day...idea rejected! Is it too soon to ask that? What if he says no? What if he says yes?!? I tend to get very lazy when I'm up there...he can't realize the depths of
my laziness just yet!



So I went to a mac & cheese tasting tonight...too much mac & cbeese...but yet so good! Lots of fun. Off to fayetteville tomorrow for mb's baby shower. More then.


Jump Then Fall

Today was a good day! I got myself a new boyfriend - his name's Bruce Lee. He's yellow and about 8 inches tall. Plus he wears a shirt with my name in the middle of a heart. Work ran smoothly. I got to go to Early's kickball game and I'm going to a mac & cheese tasting with him tomorrow!
So I seem to like him more and more each time I hang out with him and I don't like this feeling at all. I mean, I do like it but I don't! I'm losing control over this situation (if I had it to begin with) and I don't like to be out of control. I'm just sayin...if he could be a little less likeable?!??!
I have no desire to work tomorrow, I'm tired and need a day to sleep in! But, I do have the night with Early to look forward to so I'll try to use it as my motivation to get through the day. This is all I have to say today...tomorrow perhaps I'll tell you about how I busted my lip flossing...if you're lucky!


Worst Idea Ever!

I thought it was a good idea to go out shopping for shoes. It was not. I was wrong. In my poor geniousity (yes it is a word), I found not only shoes to wear with my super cute dress but also a shirt that matched the shoes...but now I need navy blue leggings to match the shirt. This outfit is quickly growing to be very expensive! My other option is a pair of royal blue flats but they have to be ordered, which means they won't be here by Saturday...so that will suck and means I will have to find something different to wear to MB's baby shower so I don't know what to do!
This was a nice relaxing way to end the day though...I'm done shopping and get to sit and relax with a glass of wine (actually a whole bottle - don't judge me, I do plan on sharing...probably), while waiting on friends.
Now if only I could get C out of my head...I don't know how he got in there but I would like him gone. All day long he's come to mind. I want his opinion on Early. I want to tell him about stuff. I just wish he would talk to me. Is that so much to ask? Apparently yes.

Good Day/Bad Day

Good things that have happened so far:
1. I weighed in at 127 this morning!! I still have a ways to go but I've been losing 1-2 lbs a week since working out and eating healthier/less.
2. I had a delicious grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.
3. It's been a slow, easy day at work.

Bad things that have happened so far:
1. It's been a bad day as far as missing C goes...not sure why it came out of nowhere and why it's so bad but I really miss my friend.
2. My tomato soup at lunch kinda sucked.
3. I just looked at my bank account and I have no money.

I'm hoping foodie trivia tonight helps the good parts of the day win out...and I think if I have enough time I'm going to go shoe shopping for a pair of cute, colorful flats to wear with my dress I got in Chicago. I'm not sure how I'm going to pay for these since I don't currently have money...but I'll find a way.


Here We Go Again

I think I'm going to be pretty sore tomorrow! Boot camp included a lot of running and ab work. There were also a lot of full body exercises, including this stand up dumbbell thing -except since we are newbies we just stand up without the dumbbell. It was still tough! Then we sprinted for 100 yards and did 25 in & outs (which I know as tuck ups). We did it on a ladder system so we did 12 dumbbell stand up things on each arm, then the running/tuck ups. Next round was 10 dumbbell stand up things on each arm, then 8...so on down to 4. I thought I was finally done and was sooooo excited! Then she said we had more time so start on 30 pushups, 40 sit ups & 10 power burpies...I'm definitely going to feel this tomorrow!



I don't want to fail!

I'm well aware that this is a crappy post but it's still a post. The day was hectic starting with me oversleeping and getting an 8 minute shower, getting stuck in traffic after boot camp and therefore late to Early's...oh right, and did I mention I didn't get to eat dinner since things were so hectic? So crappy post you get. Deal with it.


Where Did The Weekend Go?

My weekend flew by - what, with J1 & J2 being in town, last night was a PJ Party fundraiser for the cheer team & then we let them stay the night (more on that...). Today was filled with cleaning up & cheerleading & a really good date...but tomorrow starts the work week again!?!? It's too soon!
Last night the cheerleaders had a fundraiser where they had a PJ Party - girls aged 4-11 came in their PJs to the gym and got to participate in: an obstacle course, bracelet making, & candy sushi making. The night included pizza and fun times with the cheerleaders. Afterwards, the team was invited to stay the night - 10 girls took that offer up and they stayed up sooo late! Unfortunately it was the night with the time change and so it felt like 4 am by the time they settled in and went to bed. Today was a rough day and they were definitely showing it at practice. I kicked them out 30 minutes earlier because the routine was looking horrible and I was tired of watching it. If they weren't going to put forth effort then I wasn't going to stick around.
I then got to go on a date with Early and it was really fun. We sat and chatted for 2 hours, which was lots of fun & included lots of laughter. It ended with the usual good night kiss...and...a step forward...I'm going to his house tomorrow night! Now don't go getting any wrong ideas. I'm going to watch Monday night TV and then come home. But we've been seeing each other for 2 months and still have not hung out at each other's house yet...that all changes tomorrow!! But that'll be the only change. I'm liking him more and more though :)


Hot Dog 2010/Project V

Sooo...Hot Dog 2010 continued today, which means Project V took a mini break today. I went back to Perfectly Frank's with J1 & J2. I contemplated a veggie dog but figured I might as well go all out. We arrived about 10 minutes before they opened and they were nice enough to let us inside since it was cold out and we had the little ones (lil J and I). They said they weren't quite ready to cook but we were welcome to wait in out of the elements. I think it's because he recognized me from my previous Hot Dog 2010 visit - he was quite excited to learn he was in the top 4!
We had quite the feast - 5 hot dogs, 2 orders of fries & onion rings. I got The Franky Luv (slaw, Dr. Pepper bbq sauce & crispy onion straws) and the Frankie Cuda (blue cheese slaw, chili & crispy onion straws). I personally liked the Frankie Cuda better but J1 & J2 said the Franky Luv was the best dog of the day. I'm not really a fan of BBQ sauce on my hot dogs though.
The fries were delicious although not fresh cut. The sweet potato fries were thick cut which made me like them a lot more than the usual sweet potato fries. The blue cheese crumbles added a nice touch. None of us really liked the onion rings but they were beer battered and that's what we didn't love.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the atmosphere in Perfectly Frank's though. The staff is so nice and Perry (the owner) is always nice and friendly and excited to learn that he makes a pretty good hot dog. He informed me that in 5-6 weeks they will be moving to a new, larger location where they can cut their own fries, have more seating and make fresh (adult) milkshakes - think a bananas foster milkshake with the rum...yum!!!
Project V will be starting back up tonight so don't think I won't still be needing my organic, hormone free, free range turkey at Thanksgiving when I make my next exception!!


Trapped in a Tourist Town....

Tonight, J1, J2 and I went to dinner again. We decided to listen to the oh-so-famous, oh-so-wrong Rachel Ray and head over to Jestine's Kitchen. She raved over their "perfectly blended sweet tea" and "juicy fried chicken." Well...let me go ahead and correct her: The tea was mediocre & not very sweet for "southern food" and the chicken was greasy but yet dry. *I didn't eat the chicken but have had it in the past* The restaurant brags about being a delicious southern experience but in my experience, southern food should not need salt added to it. It should be mushy & delicious & salty all rolled into one. This food tonight was none of the above. The macaroni was bland. The cornbread was dry. The green beans needed salt. The tea was bleh. I have been to Jestine's a few other times and always walk away thinking the same thing...haven't figured out why I keep going back.
Bushido's is another place that was featured on the Travel Channel's Man V. Food. I decided to check it out after watching Adam go through the Spicy Tuna Challenge. Sushi variety? lacking. Sushi taste? Lacking. And the rumor that is going around town? They had to water down the Spicy Tuna Challenge for Adam so he could make it through it. I'm just sayin....man up Adam! Man up!
Some other places that people in Charleston brag about but are not worth the visit? Hyman's Seafood - it's like Outback. Everything they cook is flavored with the same seasoning. It's overly salty and gross. Andolini's - there is WAY better pizza out there. See Pizza Quest 09 results.
If visiting a new town, ask a local - not a famous person. Also...don't ask a stupid local. Just sayin...


Dinner & A Bargain, Anyone?

I went to dinner with J & J tonight at Your Pie...and 2 out of 3 meals were less than $5!! J2 had to be expensive and order a salad (plus she bought the kids' meal) but J1 and I each had a pizza (free) and a drink ($1.64). We then went over to Yobe, this cool new frozen yogurt place in town and each spent less than $3. We had coupons for the first 3 oz of yogurt free, so we only to pay beyond that. I always wish they told you how many ounces you got so I could make sure I was not being overly piggish...but I'm sure I was being piglet like so maybe it is best I don't know. I love cheap-o but delicious meals!!! I also love the free Your Pie pizza coupons!! Glad I have 8 more of them, plus Your Pie has all the Yobe 3 oz coupons!


Just an Idea...

Just to give you an idea of how sexy/raspy I sound - a friend of mine asked if I recently had a voice box installed. Or if I'd ever dated a dipper because perhaps I had gotten second hand dipper cancer.....let me tell you, if that is the case then it was so not worth it!!
He also asked if I would say "Snap into a Slim Jim." Which I didn't think was very nice...

*whine whine whine*

If you don't want to hear me whine, you should stop reading now. Ok, you've been warned. I don't feel good!! My muscles hurt, my throat hurts and I have a general feeling of lethargicness & vomitness. I could handle this with a lot less whining if my muscles didn't hurt but the fact that I can't walk makes me miserable! It hurts to touch my legs because they are so sore...and the crappy part? I skipped boot camp today since I left work early (due to slight fever/sore throat and the fact I'm in people's faces...not because of sore muscles), so I didn't think I should go work out. I considered it though. I'm also skipping tomorrow because J & J will be in town and I want to see them instead of workout. There is only a 6 am class on Friday so let's not kid ourselves and think I'll wake up. No weekend classes...so pretty much right about the time I'm done being sore, it'll be time to go back. I don't know if I can motivate myself to feel like this more!! It hurts sooo bad!
My throat also hurts! It doesn't hurt to swallow so I can still eat but it just feels dry and cottony and gross. And I sound like an 80 year old smoker. It's gross.
The vomity feeling & fever has finally gone away...so it'll be back to work tomorrow...but this super sucks. I need to feel better NOW!


Check It

Today was Day 2 of Boot Camp...oh my gosh. I was a little sore when I woke up this morning and then suddenly at 2:00 in the middle of my date with the creepy fireman - it hit. I couldn't walk down the stairs!! I went ahead and made it to camp again today which went surprisingly well. Once I warmed up, my legs cooperated and I felt good. I hopped in the car afterwards and drove over to cheerleading. I went to get out of the car and OH CRAP! I'M PARALYZED! I couldn't move!! My legs hurt so badly! I made sure to stretch...so here's hoping I can move tomorrow since I have to work.
Ok so I told you I'd fill you in on the dude situation. Old Dude? He's out. I told him I was going to be out of town for 2 weeks (week and a half and I was home for a few days but didn't want to make time for him) and I'd talk to him when I got back...and I didn't hear from him once! I got tired of being the only one putting forth effort and him never having time. So, I saw him 2 weeks ago and haven't spoken to him since...oh well. Another one bites the dust.
Early? He's another story. He really grew on me...I like him and I like where things are going - although I'm not exactly sure where that is. We hang out about once a week but with his school schedule it's really hard. I did get to see him three times last week which was really nice. I know at first I was a little iffy about him - after all, who doesn't walk someone to their car when their car is parked in the ghetto? But...well...I dunno, that hasn't happened again so I figure that's fixed. I was also a little hesitant because he doesn't know how long he's here for - maybe December, maybe June and then who knows where he'll go? He said he's 90% sure he'll be here until June so I feel like it's not a complete waste of time. So, he's nice & cute & I like hanging out with him. Conversation flows easily, he seems to get along with the friends of mine he's met...I'm feeling like he's a keeper.
Now, as for the date today - OH.MY.GOSH! It was not good. He definitely gives off a creepy vibe. He offered to go run with me (I don't run!!) and if I wanted to come over and punch his punching bag, I was always welcome!! Ummm....why do you think we'll be hanging out again? Since I suck at saying no, I agreed to continue the date beyond pizza and we went to aquarium. The aquarium wasn't bad but the date never got any better. And 5'5"??? Yeah...ok!! I'm 5'9" (I'm not...) - why am I always a good inch taller than these guys?!?! I'll figure out how to get rid of this one...


I Couldn't Wait

So I am supposed to go on a date tomorrow with a firefighter. I was looking forward to the date - he seemed like a nice guy, went to UNC, was cute, was a firefighter, did muay thai - seemed interesting & cute. We were emailing back and forth and have just recently switched over to texting...and...big mistake! I'm tired of him already. I'm still willing to go on the date tomorrow because maybe he just comes off as clingy & annoying in text and isn't that way in person. I'm hoping...but just in case, I'm going to schedule a massage or body scrub (Groupon!!) for mid afternoon so I have a good excuse to leave.

Oh...You Almost Got Me!!

NaBloPoMo!!! You almost got me. I almost forgot to blog today!! Not a good way to start the month but it's all good. I'm on it.
I started boot camp through Fly Dog Fitness today. Oh. My. Gosh. I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow! I also didn't realize how out of shape I was. I couldn't run a 1/4 mile without feeling like I was going to run out of breath!! This will definitely be a difficult month but it should be super successful as long as I can stick with it.
The weight loss contest is continuing at work and they finally came to their senses and decided to judge it based on percentage of body weight lost. I don't have a very good chance in this contest since I'll have to work really hard to lose 10 pounds and everyone else should be losing around 30...but I'm doing boot camp and changing my diet. Everyone else is just changing their diet in very minor ways. One girl is doing Weight Watchers. If I work my butt off, I could take this!! ....maybe....
Tomorrow? Early/Old Dude/random date with a firefighter