Where Did The Weekend Go?

My weekend flew by - what, with J1 & J2 being in town, last night was a PJ Party fundraiser for the cheer team & then we let them stay the night (more on that...). Today was filled with cleaning up & cheerleading & a really good date...but tomorrow starts the work week again!?!? It's too soon!
Last night the cheerleaders had a fundraiser where they had a PJ Party - girls aged 4-11 came in their PJs to the gym and got to participate in: an obstacle course, bracelet making, & candy sushi making. The night included pizza and fun times with the cheerleaders. Afterwards, the team was invited to stay the night - 10 girls took that offer up and they stayed up sooo late! Unfortunately it was the night with the time change and so it felt like 4 am by the time they settled in and went to bed. Today was a rough day and they were definitely showing it at practice. I kicked them out 30 minutes earlier because the routine was looking horrible and I was tired of watching it. If they weren't going to put forth effort then I wasn't going to stick around.
I then got to go on a date with Early and it was really fun. We sat and chatted for 2 hours, which was lots of fun & included lots of laughter. It ended with the usual good night kiss...and...a step forward...I'm going to his house tomorrow night! Now don't go getting any wrong ideas. I'm going to watch Monday night TV and then come home. But we've been seeing each other for 2 months and still have not hung out at each other's house yet...that all changes tomorrow!! But that'll be the only change. I'm liking him more and more though :)

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