All I Want For Christmas...

...is a hip replacement. Ok, not really, there's more I want but a hip replacement does seem to be on the list. I decided that in order to a)promote my running habit and b)decrease my soda habit, I will run 1 mile for every soda I drink. Yesterday I had to make up for 2 miles - 1 on Friday, 1 on Saturday. Plus I did a bunch of lunges. My hips hurt so badly today! I felt like I was waddling during the day today and so it seemed to be a good idea to come home and go for a short, easy run after work today. Plus I needed to make up for the 5 donuts I ate at work. After my run? It's even worse!! I hurt!! All this in preparation for the Reindeer Run so I don't die. Will I be ready? Will I have new hips by then?

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