Oh Man!

Last night was a close one - it was 11:57 and I suddenly realized I had not blogged. I had to cut the post short since it took a little while to type out what little I did manage. So I went to go see a local band play, Permanent Vacation...they are one of my faves. They played at my friend's B & S's wedding and we've been going to see them around town ever since. Early was supposed to go with us but he pleaded sick so he got to stay in. I wasn't super excited about going since I'd had a stressful day at work but I'm glad I went. Not only did I have fun (creepy waiter story coming soon...) but I also got some good ideas for a playlist to get me up to Maryland for Thanksgiving. I spent way too much money at Itunes today and didn't even get halfway through my list. Plus I already had some of the songs!! If anyone is looking for a good generic gift to get me - Itunes gift cards so I can continue this music quest! Or...you could create a CD for me with music you already own from the Permanent Vacation playlist. Just sayin...there's a lot of oldie's on there and I know a certain uncle of mine has a lot of the songs. Just an idea.
Ok so creepy waiter - this guy walks up and looks totally overwhelmed. He's overly apologetic that we've been waiting there so long (less than 5 min) and he'll be right with us, he has 12 credit cards to run and can we believe that the table wanted all their checks separated? Just in case we didn't believe him, he later showed us all the receipts. At some point, he mentioned he moved down here about a year ago and so after he walked away, I commented I bet he moved down here for law school. S said PA or PT at MUSC. I called it - I was right. He was considering going to law school. He was amazed that I could have guessed that and how did I know? I didn't have the heart to tell him he gave off a total douchebag vibe that reeked of lawyerness. Plus I didn't want him to spit in my drinks. Apparently, he thought that my keen sense of perception meant I was interested in him - definitely not the case!! He kept coming up to us and rubbing my shoulder and it was so creepy! It got even worse when he RANDOMLY came out with "Hey, do you know homo erectus? Well this is homo erectus backwards!" and did some weird thing where he shrank into himself that I guess we were supposed to understand. It was creepy. I was glad to leave - without a phone number!

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