What A Day

It was a rough day! The weigh in went horribly...I gained a whole 1.5 pounds. I know, I can hear C now...it's your body. Don't whine about it unless you are willing to change it. Why can I still hear his voice if he won't speak to me?
The day got better after work though. I got a decent nap in, then delicious pizza at mia pomodori. Then it was on to Avenue Q, which was really funny but I felt kinda dirty when the puppets started to get it on. Yes, there was puppet sex. And songs about racism, being gay and how much everyone's life kinda sucks...plus how you should use homeless people's lives to feel better about yours.

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Emily/Randomability said...

I haven't seen Aveune Q yet, but I have heard "It Sucks to be Me". Do they still mention Gary Coleman?