Hot Dog 2010/Project V

Sooo...Hot Dog 2010 continued today, which means Project V took a mini break today. I went back to Perfectly Frank's with J1 & J2. I contemplated a veggie dog but figured I might as well go all out. We arrived about 10 minutes before they opened and they were nice enough to let us inside since it was cold out and we had the little ones (lil J and I). They said they weren't quite ready to cook but we were welcome to wait in out of the elements. I think it's because he recognized me from my previous Hot Dog 2010 visit - he was quite excited to learn he was in the top 4!
We had quite the feast - 5 hot dogs, 2 orders of fries & onion rings. I got The Franky Luv (slaw, Dr. Pepper bbq sauce & crispy onion straws) and the Frankie Cuda (blue cheese slaw, chili & crispy onion straws). I personally liked the Frankie Cuda better but J1 & J2 said the Franky Luv was the best dog of the day. I'm not really a fan of BBQ sauce on my hot dogs though.
The fries were delicious although not fresh cut. The sweet potato fries were thick cut which made me like them a lot more than the usual sweet potato fries. The blue cheese crumbles added a nice touch. None of us really liked the onion rings but they were beer battered and that's what we didn't love.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the atmosphere in Perfectly Frank's though. The staff is so nice and Perry (the owner) is always nice and friendly and excited to learn that he makes a pretty good hot dog. He informed me that in 5-6 weeks they will be moving to a new, larger location where they can cut their own fries, have more seating and make fresh (adult) milkshakes - think a bananas foster milkshake with the rum...yum!!!
Project V will be starting back up tonight so don't think I won't still be needing my organic, hormone free, free range turkey at Thanksgiving when I make my next exception!!

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