I Couldn't Wait

So I am supposed to go on a date tomorrow with a firefighter. I was looking forward to the date - he seemed like a nice guy, went to UNC, was cute, was a firefighter, did muay thai - seemed interesting & cute. We were emailing back and forth and have just recently switched over to texting...and...big mistake! I'm tired of him already. I'm still willing to go on the date tomorrow because maybe he just comes off as clingy & annoying in text and isn't that way in person. I'm hoping...but just in case, I'm going to schedule a massage or body scrub (Groupon!!) for mid afternoon so I have a good excuse to leave.

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RobynRenee said...

I just popped by from the NaBloPoMo blogroll to say good luck! Enjoy your date tomorrow, if for nothing else a good story :) and hopefully he isn't clingy. I hate a clingy man!
And if it goes horribly enjoy your spa time!