Happy Thanksgiving Project V!

So project v took a turn for the worse yesterday. I ate stromboli. It was soooo good. Although not as good as it normally is. Not sure what was missing. Today? I tackle turkey. Then...finally...on Sunday, or maybe Monday, I'll go back to being a vegetarian. I'm a little nervous to see what this change in diet does to my weigh in next week. Ideally I will have dropped 3 pounds to make up for my gain last week. Unfortunately I don't think we live in an ideal world.
And because it's Thanksgiving, things I am thankful for:
-good family & friends
-my usually good dog
-jobs that I mostly like going to on a daily basis
-my teeth
-that this giant zit on my head will be gone by the time I see early again.
-homemade stuffing
-santa puzzles

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