Wrapping It Up

NaBloPoMo is almost over!! I've mostly stuck to it with only 1 cheat day...which I still stand by the fact that it's not my fault I missed that day. I blame Early. I feel like most of my posts have been decent too - none of that "I don't want to blog" crap and that's it. Well..ok there have been a couple of those but not too many.
Tomorrow I'm headed back to Charleston so a long day of driving. I'm going to try to set a goal for myself. Don't laugh. Or scold. I'm going to try not to text the whole time I'm driving tomorrow! I know, it's a big goal. I'm gonna try though.
Also...I feel kinda dumb. I got a text from Early yesterday that said "basically I miss you and Thanksgiving is just ok." I thought it was sweet but odd...and while it's not a lie, I would love to have him around, I don't know if miss is exactly the right word. I said I missed him too...and...no answer. huh...made me think he meant to send that to someone else (thinking maybe his family/sister/mom??) and then unfortunately, once something is sent in text world, it's gone. And I don't think it was meant for me because it didn't really follow along with the conversation we were having. We were talking about running and he came out with that. I didn't realize it didn't make sense until after I replied with me saying I missed him too (again, not really a lie...just not the word I would use. Don't ask what word I would use because I don't know)..now I feel dumb.

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