Sweet Computer...I Missed You!!

This month has seemed to fly by and I always seem to be so busy. Between boot camp, dating Early & just life in general...where did the month go? I've been doing most of my posts from my phone since I always seem to be on the go and unable to actually sit down at the computer. I forgot how easy it is to type on the computer!! This goes so much more quickly than the stupid Swype on the stupid phone. Can you tell I'm still not loving the phone? *sigh* I know...this is the worst thing to say, but I'm going to say it anyways - I miss texting & driving. It takes too much concentration on my new phone and I'm going to crash if I try...good news? I rarely try.
Project V is growing more and more difficult. After yesterdays crappy weigh in, I just want to go back to eating meat. Tonight, I was searching for something to eat and all I could find was spaghetti with meat sauce that I had previously frozen and pepperoni pizza. It's like fate is working against me and I should just resign myself to being a carnivore.

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