Trapped in a Tourist Town....

Tonight, J1, J2 and I went to dinner again. We decided to listen to the oh-so-famous, oh-so-wrong Rachel Ray and head over to Jestine's Kitchen. She raved over their "perfectly blended sweet tea" and "juicy fried chicken." Well...let me go ahead and correct her: The tea was mediocre & not very sweet for "southern food" and the chicken was greasy but yet dry. *I didn't eat the chicken but have had it in the past* The restaurant brags about being a delicious southern experience but in my experience, southern food should not need salt added to it. It should be mushy & delicious & salty all rolled into one. This food tonight was none of the above. The macaroni was bland. The cornbread was dry. The green beans needed salt. The tea was bleh. I have been to Jestine's a few other times and always walk away thinking the same thing...haven't figured out why I keep going back.
Bushido's is another place that was featured on the Travel Channel's Man V. Food. I decided to check it out after watching Adam go through the Spicy Tuna Challenge. Sushi variety? lacking. Sushi taste? Lacking. And the rumor that is going around town? They had to water down the Spicy Tuna Challenge for Adam so he could make it through it. I'm just sayin....man up Adam! Man up!
Some other places that people in Charleston brag about but are not worth the visit? Hyman's Seafood - it's like Outback. Everything they cook is flavored with the same seasoning. It's overly salty and gross. Andolini's - there is WAY better pizza out there. See Pizza Quest 09 results.
If visiting a new town, ask a local - not a famous person. Also...don't ask a stupid local. Just sayin...

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