Phase 1: check!

Went over to EVO for pizza tonight, completing Phase 1 of PizzaQuest '09. It was awesome! First off, I love the atmosphere there, it's a small place in downtown North Charleston (who knew that existed!) with lots of charm. The crust was a little floppy but the taste of the pizza more than made up for the sogginess. They achieved a nice balance between the saltiness of the crust and the sweetness of the sauce. The pizza is topped with the perfect amount of cheese, where other places have problems with either too little or too much. The wait staff was nice, and very helpful but towards the end of the night seemed to be hovering, urging us out of the door. At the end of Phase 1 the standings are:
1. Mia Pomodori
3. EVO
4. Famulari's
5. D'Allesandro's
6. Al di La
7. Mellow Mushroom
8. Andolini's

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a New York pizza to me. Sounds yummy.