Jump, Then Fall

So I went on a faux date last night...sadly it was way better than any real dates that I've gone on recently.
-He sat on the same side of the booth as me (something I normally would dislike with my personal space issues but for some reason it worked for him)
-He gave me a head massage (again, normally not a fan of being touched...)
-He held my hand (again with the touching....)
-It was fun and relaxed and there was no forced conversation or oversharing of stuff like (and yes...this really was said to me on a date) "Well I broke up with my last girlfriend because she was Russian and when it came time to do the deed, she didn't want me to wear any, um, you know..."
-He shaved his legs for me! (ok...maybe not for me, but I'll think that it was)

Too bad it was all for play....

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Heto said...

What exactly makes it a faux date? Were you there to make some other girl jealous?