Hope Renewed

Just when I'd given up hope that nice people actually existed (perhaps a slight exaggeration...), people go and surprise me with kindness. Between the hours of about...6 and 8 pm on Saturday, people pretty much sucked. I did not so much care that you were canceling plans with me but I did care that you made no attempt to reschedule because you know what? I wasn't excited about the pizza or the hanging out at your place or whatever...I was excited because I got to hang out with you and that's what I was really looking forward to. And you stomped on my hope. Just like Dr. Not-So-Dreamy-Anymore's office did. You are all a bunch of dreamcrushers. And that's not nice. I was just starting to think "Boy, that's what I get for actually looking forward to something."
Luckily, I encountered 2 really good groups of people today and made me realize that niceness is still in existence. (Not to say that some of you others are not nice, I just didn't get to experience your niceness today)
1. I really like the people I work with. Even if some things work my nerves, overall they are very nice. I think the 3/4 bag of cheddar & sour cream potato chips and coke may have helped, but they made today bearable when it didn't seem to be heading in that direction.
2. My neighbors rock. They invited me over for a delicious (and not at all healthy!) meal of yummy brown rice, creamy chicken and croissants. Then, they are letting me borrow their dog crate since mine is monstrously huge and a pain to get in/out of my car. That smaller crate will help make my trip so much easier.
So, thank you to both groups of people for reinstilling my hope and faith in people.