Happy Eating!

Happy Thanksgiving all you lovely readers. Hope you had some delicious turkey/stuffing/sweet potatoes/mashed potatoes/green jello marshmallow salad/whatever else you may eat!
There is always next week to start rehab :)

AND because everyone loves a good turkey story:

Woman Seeks Donations for Turkey Eye Surgery
Posted Nov 26th 2009 2:00PM by Sandy Maple

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Jerry the turkey can't see to fly. Photo: jeniphur99/Flickr
While most of us are busy planning the seasonings, stuffings, and sides we will enjoy with our turkeys, a Massachusetts woman is making plans of a different kind for her turkey. Lyndsey Medeiros of Rehoboth has posted an ad on Craigslist seeking cash donations to help save her pet turkey, Jerry, reports The Providence Journal's projo.com.

Jerry, a three-year-old Narraganset Turkey, was recently evaluated by a veterinary ophthalmologist at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists, who determined that the bird is most likely blind. To improve the bird's quality of life, the doctor recommended cataract surgery -- a procedure that, according to Medeiros, costs "upwards of $2600."

You might assume that someone willing to go to all this trouble to raise this kind money for a turkey is quite attached to her pet. In reality, Jerry has been a member of the Medeiros family only for about a week. He and his companion Penelope were adopted by Medeiros and her husband via a Craigslist ad posted by a woman in a nearby town whose own health prevented her from caring for the birds.

Lyndsey Medeiros is no stranger to animals in need. She and her husband own a hobby farm where, in addition to breeding Nigerian Dwarf Goats, they care for other animals with health problems.

Not surprisingly, Medeiros says she has received a lot of negative feedback from her Craigslist posting. While she understands the reaction -- especially this close to Thanksgiving -- she is asking for a little compassion for her non-traditional pet. She believes that if Jerry were a dog, a cat, or even a horse, people would respond differently. Some people, however, have responded differently: As of Monday, she has received about $200 in donations to save Jerry's eyesight.

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