Catch Up Time

So Pizza Quest '09 has not been abandoned. I've just been lazy and not posting.
Mellow Mushroom: I was a little disappointed. Mellow Mushroom is one of my favorite pizza places. They have crazy pizzas, with Funky Q Chicken, The Caesar!, and Magical Mystery Tour topping my list of favorites. Unfortunately, I had to toss the tasty memory of cheesy deliciousness from my mind. This was based solely on the cheese pizza. The pizza was...eh. The cheese tasted kinda waxy. The crust is delicious, made from spring water dough. (whatever that means, it equals goodness!) The staff at Mellow never seems thrilled to be there and like you coming in to order pizza is an inconvenience. The pizza was fairly inexpensive at $12 and it was definitely big enough for us to have leftovers.
Must go watch Desperate Housewives and get to bed...so tomorrow, will tell you all about Famulari's and Al Di La, saving the best for last: Monza.

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