It's Friday Night and I just got paid!

So it's a Friday night and I spent the evening playing plumber. No, I did walk around with my butt crack hanging out. It started with me cleaning my bathroom...yes, those were my Friday night plans...and I got frustrated at my clogged up sink. So I took the little screw on part that you can use to plug up the sink off to clean that. But it was dirty underneath that. So I tried to pull that part out. Not sure if that part pulls out but it wasn't happening. Trust me, I worked on it for about 15 minutes. It felt like it kept getting caught up in hair. So I decided to go from the other end. Off I went to get a bucket. I took the U-pipe (??) off but I still couldn't reach the clog. So I took another pipe off. And I got it unclogged! I won't enthrall you with what came out...
Oh and the best news of it all? I got it back together!


What's going on?

Ok I know, it's been awhile! I've been a busy girl...ok, maybe not. I've been a lazy girl. So last time anyone heard from me, I was in Ohio, going to Cedar Point (awesome!), drinking kool-aid with fish-shaped ice cubes....and that's about it. So to fill you in on the last month:
-Cedar Point was great, we rode 14 out of 17 coasters in 1 day. A very productive day and lots of fun with my family!
-Went on a hot dog taste test of Toledo (actually only 2 places) and the hot dogs were delicious.
-Ate lots of ice cream and played lots of Wii Fit (they cancel each other out, right?)
-Got a job, lost the job before I started working there (stupid people! hate them!)
-Working at a popular clothing store with a target market of 15-25 year old's...guess it's time for me to stop shopping there. Knew I'd have to grow up some day.
-Temped at an office for 2 days and got hired on to work for them 2 days a week. Love working! Especially the making money part but I also love interacting with the patients! I never thought it would be easy to talk to a stranger...but it kinda is!
-Working a couple extra days at offices in the area if they need a hygienist.
-Have an interview to work 2 days a week at a second office so we'll see how it goes!
-Birthday dinner is on Saturday and I am super excited. Little nervous because I keep my groups of friends separate from each other and they will all be mixed together...but it's my birthday and I don't have to care if they get along or not...because it's my birthday! Have I mentioned it's almost my birthday?

And a couple thoughts for you to ponder: Can vampires get in the tanning bed? Sunlight is supposed to kill them but what about simulated sunlight? Also, couldn't they just put on self-tanning lotion to appear a little less vampire-y? Or does that not absorb into their skin?


mmmm, mmmm, good!

I just came back from a delicious 2 1/2 hour dinner celebrating my newly employed status. Others left there uncomfortably full, but me, with my superior eating ability, said bring it on...I can eat more. It was awesome.