It's Friday Night and I just got paid!

So it's a Friday night and I spent the evening playing plumber. No, I did walk around with my butt crack hanging out. It started with me cleaning my bathroom...yes, those were my Friday night plans...and I got frustrated at my clogged up sink. So I took the little screw on part that you can use to plug up the sink off to clean that. But it was dirty underneath that. So I tried to pull that part out. Not sure if that part pulls out but it wasn't happening. Trust me, I worked on it for about 15 minutes. It felt like it kept getting caught up in hair. So I decided to go from the other end. Off I went to get a bucket. I took the U-pipe (??) off but I still couldn't reach the clog. So I took another pipe off. And I got it unclogged! I won't enthrall you with what came out...
Oh and the best news of it all? I got it back together!

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