Go To Sleep...

I always seem to forget that drinking Mountain Dew past 6 pm is a horrible idea. Pretty sure sleep is nowhere in sight. And I'm sure most of you are thinking the best solution is not to drink anymore Dew but it's friggin delicious so abstaining is not an option.


Hey! Come On In!

I am not the brightest crayon in the box. The deadbolt on my back door was broken and there was a guy here to fix it. I was running a few minutes late so since he was going to be 30-45 minutes...I decided to take a shower while he worked. I know, there is a stranger in my house, getting naked might not be the best plan but I locked the bedroom door...so the guy who fixes locks for a living surely can't get in, right?


Really Rosie?!?!?

I recently purchased the Rosetta Stone program so I can learn French. I wanted to learn just to have something to do, I don't have a trip planned, I don't really know anyone who speaks French but it seemed like a good language (and it was on sale. Italian was not). I have really been enjoying it and have been flying through it! I try to work on the program a little each day and spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours a day. Sometimes I go through lessons and sometimes I participate in a Studio session with a native speaker. Other times I go to Rosetta World and play games, either by myself (there is a really hard bingo game!!) or with other students learning the same language as I am.
Lately, when I go to Rosetta World and have been playing a game, I will make a typo. What is the first thing one does when one makes a typo? Hits backspace, correct? (Oopsy...just made a typo..hehe, guess that proves my point) Apparently, some genius programmer at Rosetta Stone decided to make the "backspace" key the exit button for Rosetta World & Rosetta Studio. So what does that mean for me? I keep getting kicked out of my games! I try to say "bonsoir Je m'appelle Kristin." But then the other person types out "Bonsoir Kristin" so I don't need to tell them my name's Kristin...they already know that. So I hit backspace and BAM! I'm out of the game.
I get back in the game and I say to myself "DO NOT HIT BACKSPACE" (in english, I can't say all that in french just yet). I usually make it about 2 minutes and then get all excited while typing in French and oops. BAM! I'm out of the game again. I thought that maybe my computer was going haywire - after all, that was the problem when I couldn't speak to other players in Rosetta World...but nope. Genius programmers. That is the problem.
I wrote them a very nice email explaining how stupid they were...what do you mean nice emails don't include the word stupid? We shall see if I keep Rosetta Stone. I'm getting tired of the technical issues. Until then...bonne nuit & au revoir.

(BTW...I probably hit backspace 96 times while typing this post)