Really Rosie?!?!?

I recently purchased the Rosetta Stone program so I can learn French. I wanted to learn just to have something to do, I don't have a trip planned, I don't really know anyone who speaks French but it seemed like a good language (and it was on sale. Italian was not). I have really been enjoying it and have been flying through it! I try to work on the program a little each day and spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours a day. Sometimes I go through lessons and sometimes I participate in a Studio session with a native speaker. Other times I go to Rosetta World and play games, either by myself (there is a really hard bingo game!!) or with other students learning the same language as I am.
Lately, when I go to Rosetta World and have been playing a game, I will make a typo. What is the first thing one does when one makes a typo? Hits backspace, correct? (Oopsy...just made a typo..hehe, guess that proves my point) Apparently, some genius programmer at Rosetta Stone decided to make the "backspace" key the exit button for Rosetta World & Rosetta Studio. So what does that mean for me? I keep getting kicked out of my games! I try to say "bonsoir Je m'appelle Kristin." But then the other person types out "Bonsoir Kristin" so I don't need to tell them my name's Kristin...they already know that. So I hit backspace and BAM! I'm out of the game.
I get back in the game and I say to myself "DO NOT HIT BACKSPACE" (in english, I can't say all that in french just yet). I usually make it about 2 minutes and then get all excited while typing in French and oops. BAM! I'm out of the game again. I thought that maybe my computer was going haywire - after all, that was the problem when I couldn't speak to other players in Rosetta World...but nope. Genius programmers. That is the problem.
I wrote them a very nice email explaining how stupid they were...what do you mean nice emails don't include the word stupid? We shall see if I keep Rosetta Stone. I'm getting tired of the technical issues. Until then...bonne nuit & au revoir.

(BTW...I probably hit backspace 96 times while typing this post)


Amy said...

Problem solved: Tape a tack during your RS play on that button! HA

Anonymous said...

same problem for me. SOOOO annoying.