Updated**Is Clay Aiken smarter than a fifth grader?**

The better question may be, why am I sitting at home watching that show on a Friday night. However, that is not the question at hand tonight. It's looking like he may be...he's got 4 questions left and 3 cheats still. He's doing pretty darn good...not looking so darn good though. I think he may be jaundiced...his skin is kinda yellowy-orange. And he has no upper lip. I'm quite ashamed that I never got that date with him that I asked for. I'm so charming and all, I would have swept him off his feet. And now I'd be stuck with that. He's pretty creepy looking.
So per a complaint from Heather, I wanted to let everyone know that Clay is NOT smarter than a fifth grader. He punked out on the 2nd to last question (he knew the right answer but wasn't confident enough)....so just think how many spray tans he could have afforded with that million dollar prize! Ah Clay...I was watching some old clips of you when you first started American Idol...I stand by that you were kinda cute (I know! Dont' call me crazy. If he still looked like that I would still want my dates!)....now you just look creepy and I wouldn't go out on a date with you if you begged me. Ok, well I probably would if you begged but you'd have to paper bag it.


Double beans! No meat!

Now is that such a hard request to follow? I mean, I know I'm super smart and all....and probably above the average intelligance of most Taco Bell employees...but c'mon guys! That's an easy one, the crumbly brown stuff, don't put it on! The smooth light brown stuff, put more on! I got my nachos bell grande (had a coupon, only $.99!!) and it had no beans and did have meat...I was sad. Now I have to go poo because of that stupid kangaroo meat. Grrrr Taco Bell....grrrr!!!!


Come back Heather!!!

Ok, well maybe not come back....since we played at Duck but I think you and Kevin should plan to come down here every weekend so that we can go to the beach and I have someone to play with in the water! It was very wavy at the ocean today...and I had to play all alone (didn't even have a boogie board).


I will have an impact on little kids...scary!

So I'm super excited about this new cheerleading gig. For those who don't know, I'm going to help coach a youth/junior cheerleading team for kids age 7-14. It's competitive cheerleading so the same type of deal I did growing up. I'm very excited and anxious to see how the first practice goes. It's been a long time since I've been this excited about something :)
Practice starts on this Saturday, the 23rd...wish us luck! I had dinner with the girl that's going to be the head coach and we had some really good ideas and are on the same page about most everything. She's worked with these girls already, coaching gymnastics. She said there are some really good kids that are going to be on the team.
I'm sure there will be more updates and pictures from our "Stunt on the Beach Day" and practices and competitions. Go Marlins! (yes...we are the marlins, like fish. But hey, we're from the beach, we should have a beachy feel and didn't feel appropriate with little kids yelling "Go Corona with lime!")


My trip so far

Only 1 more day left until I come back to SC. I miss SC but I think I miss being around Ed more. (hahaha...ok Ed, I miss you more) Anywho, so far on this trip: we ate pizza (2 times! Pizza hiatus, no more!), went to a STL Rams game (I could totally be one of those cheerleaders...one of my goals for when I move out here), had a Green Genie (delicious!), sucked at bowling (out of 6 of us...none broke 100), and saw the Dark Knight. Oh and who can forget we ate at PF Changs! Neither of us had been there so we (when I say we, I mean I) were anxious to try it. When I get back to SC I will give more details!
For now though, I must go lay around by the pool and then go meet Edward for lunch. :)



Heather is a genius! Instead of going to Las Vegas for Christmas (ugh, bad idea), if the family wants a destination Christmas, we should rent a house on the Outer Banks. It will be much cheaper than Vegas. You can get a 7 bedroom house for only $800 a week! Plus, it's more homey than having people in different hotel rooms. We could still have a Christmas tree as well, if we really wanted one! Pets are allowed so Evie, Trixie, and Lucy could all come along. Plus the beach is pretty at Christmastime. What's that you say, you have your heart set on gambling? The house I chose has horseshoes and pool and foosball! Not to mention a hot tub to relax in after all that hard gambling work! Smileaway at Christmas



i'm here at the beach for my vacation and I'm freezing! 87 degrees outside my butt! but the view from inside the house wrapped in a blanket is very pretty. pictures to come later (oh and shift button sticks on the computer, that explains lack of capitalization)




In Oklahoma City?!?!?!?!

I don't live in Oklahoma City! This does me no good at all.

Taco Bell gives free tacos to dieters
Posted: Aug 1st 2008 8:30AM by Bethany Sanders
Filed under: Food and Nutrition, Diet and Weight Loss

I know that every time that I make an effort to lose a few pounds, the first thing I think is usually not, "Hmmm, maybe Taco Bell for lunch." Fast food restaurants are often trying to change that unhealthy image, and Taco Bell is no exception. They have their "fresco" menu, nine items with nine grams of fat or less. And in Oklahoma City, they're giving away one free taco to residents as a reward for their weight loss efforts.

The restaurant teamed up with the local mayor in a city-wide weight loss challenge. When residents reached 100,000 pounds lost, Taco Bell decided to give everyone one free taco. I initially wanted to be critical of this partnership, since fast food is often loaded with fat, salt, and excessive calories. But I'm starting to think that Oklahoma City residents may have found that happy balance between eating right and enjoying a healthy indulgence now and then... even a free taco.

What do you think?

You want to know what I think, Bethany Sanders? Do you now? I think this is crap. This is just a big tease...don't make me think that there's a day to put on my calender to go get a free taco (I'll pretend to be a dieter, I don't mind). I've been wanting to try the Fresco tacos to...but their full fat siblings are so delicious, I don't want to make them feel unloved.

Whath that you thay?

Does Miley Cyrus have a lisp? I was watching her show (sadly, I kinda liked it) and it's either a lisp or a retainer...I must admit ABC has a pretty good Saturday morning lineup. First Hannah Montana, then the Suite Life? Aw man! I could spend many Saturday mornings lounging about in bed! I did like the Suite Life better when Zach and Cody were kids...now they're pre-pubescent and chubby with bad hair.