In Oklahoma City?!?!?!?!

I don't live in Oklahoma City! This does me no good at all.

Taco Bell gives free tacos to dieters
Posted: Aug 1st 2008 8:30AM by Bethany Sanders
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I know that every time that I make an effort to lose a few pounds, the first thing I think is usually not, "Hmmm, maybe Taco Bell for lunch." Fast food restaurants are often trying to change that unhealthy image, and Taco Bell is no exception. They have their "fresco" menu, nine items with nine grams of fat or less. And in Oklahoma City, they're giving away one free taco to residents as a reward for their weight loss efforts.

The restaurant teamed up with the local mayor in a city-wide weight loss challenge. When residents reached 100,000 pounds lost, Taco Bell decided to give everyone one free taco. I initially wanted to be critical of this partnership, since fast food is often loaded with fat, salt, and excessive calories. But I'm starting to think that Oklahoma City residents may have found that happy balance between eating right and enjoying a healthy indulgence now and then... even a free taco.

What do you think?

You want to know what I think, Bethany Sanders? Do you now? I think this is crap. This is just a big tease...don't make me think that there's a day to put on my calender to go get a free taco (I'll pretend to be a dieter, I don't mind). I've been wanting to try the Fresco tacos to...but their full fat siblings are so delicious, I don't want to make them feel unloved.

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