Come back Heather!!!

Ok, well maybe not come back....since we played at Duck but I think you and Kevin should plan to come down here every weekend so that we can go to the beach and I have someone to play with in the water! It was very wavy at the ocean today...and I had to play all alone (didn't even have a boogie board).


Heto said...

Dude, you have no idea how much that idea appeals to me... Has Kevin told you that we're trying to figure out where we'd like to move?

Just so you know, I can be bought... and Charleston just might end up at the top of the list if the price is right!

kblair380 said...

But you need to do something about the Riverdog's, because minor league baseball is important, and not only are they a Yankees farm team, but last week they had midget wrestling night at a game.

Heto said...

I think for your sister, that's exactly a reason that we SHOULD be Riverdog fans.

Kristin said...

Midget wrestling?!?!?! You should have told me, I would have gone! Plus there's "Go Back to Ohio" night...you could dress up for that! Mudhens can't compare!