Updated**Is Clay Aiken smarter than a fifth grader?**

The better question may be, why am I sitting at home watching that show on a Friday night. However, that is not the question at hand tonight. It's looking like he may be...he's got 4 questions left and 3 cheats still. He's doing pretty darn good...not looking so darn good though. I think he may be jaundiced...his skin is kinda yellowy-orange. And he has no upper lip. I'm quite ashamed that I never got that date with him that I asked for. I'm so charming and all, I would have swept him off his feet. And now I'd be stuck with that. He's pretty creepy looking.
So per a complaint from Heather, I wanted to let everyone know that Clay is NOT smarter than a fifth grader. He punked out on the 2nd to last question (he knew the right answer but wasn't confident enough)....so just think how many spray tans he could have afforded with that million dollar prize! Ah Clay...I was watching some old clips of you when you first started American Idol...I stand by that you were kinda cute (I know! Dont' call me crazy. If he still looked like that I would still want my dates!)....now you just look creepy and I wouldn't go out on a date with you if you begged me. Ok, well I probably would if you begged but you'd have to paper bag it.

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Heto said...

So, IS Clay Aiken smarter than a fifth grader? You posted half-way through the show; I've been waiting for an update! And I think he's a tanorexic... maybe he'll be going into a treatment facility sometime soon?