Whath that you thay?

Does Miley Cyrus have a lisp? I was watching her show (sadly, I kinda liked it) and it's either a lisp or a retainer...I must admit ABC has a pretty good Saturday morning lineup. First Hannah Montana, then the Suite Life? Aw man! I could spend many Saturday mornings lounging about in bed! I did like the Suite Life better when Zach and Cody were kids...now they're pre-pubescent and chubby with bad hair.


Heto said...

LOL I like "That's So Raven" more than I like "The Suite Life" and I really can't stand "Hannah Montana" -- crazy that we have preferences for our Saturday morning ABC/Disney shows, eh?

Kristin said...

No way! I can't stand That's So Raven. I absolutely hate that show! It's SO over-acted that it's annoying. Plus Raven-Simone used to be so cute and now she's just ghetto. This is pretty sad that we feel so passionately about Disney shows. *sigh* But, hey, at least we're passionate about something.