Heather is a genius! Instead of going to Las Vegas for Christmas (ugh, bad idea), if the family wants a destination Christmas, we should rent a house on the Outer Banks. It will be much cheaper than Vegas. You can get a 7 bedroom house for only $800 a week! Plus, it's more homey than having people in different hotel rooms. We could still have a Christmas tree as well, if we really wanted one! Pets are allowed so Evie, Trixie, and Lucy could all come along. Plus the beach is pretty at Christmastime. What's that you say, you have your heart set on gambling? The house I chose has horseshoes and pool and foosball! Not to mention a hot tub to relax in after all that hard gambling work! Smileaway at Christmas


Lauren said...

What? How does that huge big house only cost $800 for the whole week? That seems impossible - and it has a pool?! Jeff and I rented the cabin (with no pool) and only one bedroom in the middle of freaking no where and that cost us $800 for only 5 days. Looks like you got a bargain.

Heto said...

Well, it's only $800 from October to April. If you tried to rent that house now, it would cost $4300 a week! But seriously, it's fantastic -- so much to do there, and I can't imagine it would get TOO cold in December! (Watch, it'll be a freak Nor'easter and we'll get snowed out, or something!