My trip so far

Only 1 more day left until I come back to SC. I miss SC but I think I miss being around Ed more. (hahaha...ok Ed, I miss you more) Anywho, so far on this trip: we ate pizza (2 times! Pizza hiatus, no more!), went to a STL Rams game (I could totally be one of those cheerleaders...one of my goals for when I move out here), had a Green Genie (delicious!), sucked at bowling (out of 6 of us...none broke 100), and saw the Dark Knight. Oh and who can forget we ate at PF Changs! Neither of us had been there so we (when I say we, I mean I) were anxious to try it. When I get back to SC I will give more details!
For now though, I must go lay around by the pool and then go meet Edward for lunch. :)

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