Dinner & A Bargain, Anyone?

I went to dinner with J & J tonight at Your Pie...and 2 out of 3 meals were less than $5!! J2 had to be expensive and order a salad (plus she bought the kids' meal) but J1 and I each had a pizza (free) and a drink ($1.64). We then went over to Yobe, this cool new frozen yogurt place in town and each spent less than $3. We had coupons for the first 3 oz of yogurt free, so we only to pay beyond that. I always wish they told you how many ounces you got so I could make sure I was not being overly piggish...but I'm sure I was being piglet like so maybe it is best I don't know. I love cheap-o but delicious meals!!! I also love the free Your Pie pizza coupons!! Glad I have 8 more of them, plus Your Pie has all the Yobe 3 oz coupons!

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