Hair? Pull!

I have been stressed out here lately. I'm not sure why -I guess I just feel like I'm always on the go and it's catching up to me. I'm moody and irritable and just want to punch people. Even people I like. So I try to avoid everyone. I'm glad boot camp is wrapping up next week. I feel like I got a couple good workouts that I can do on my own and that will hopefully make a difference. Now if I can just remember to do them...
I've also been working 5 days for the past few weeks - I know, that makes me sound like a whiner but most of my days are 9-10 hour days and that makes for a long day! Plus I sit in the same position, hunched over a mouth all day long. I really prefer my 4 day work weeks. Oh well...at least I don't have to worry about money since I was pretty poor for a few weeks there. That problem should be fixed.
Thanksgiving is coming up, which will be a nice break and it'll be nice to see family and do a Santa Claus puzzle to ring in the Christmas season. Things I'm not looking forward to: driving. being pestered about Early. driving. walking Evie in the cold. Evie waking me up at 6 am when she hears people moving around downstairs.
Oh right, and did I mention I'm supposed to have a Christmas list made up in 4 days? Yeahhhh...I don't really know any inexpensive items that I want or need. Right now on my list is 2 months without credit card bills or student loans, a 52" LCD tv (in working condition), oh and a new laptop would be nice. This one works and I'm appreciative to have it over nothing...but a new one would be better...eh. None of those seem to be under $30...

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