Long Day!

It's been a long (but good) day. I drove up to Fayetteville for MB's baby shower, getting a later start than I wanted to but it worked out for the best. I had dinner with her and The Guy (who was not as bad as I was expecting but seemed kinda...bland, for lack of a better word). I was all for heading back home after that but felt bad driving all that way and not seeing The W's. I sucked it up and drove over there and am so glad I did. I love them so much and even though I wanted to fall asleep the whole way home, it would have been worth it. I'm finally home now and ready to fall in bed.
Oh yeah, I briefly (very briefly) entertained the idea of seeing if Early might be interested in coming home with me for T-day...idea rejected! Is it too soon to ask that? What if he says no? What if he says yes?!? I tend to get very lazy when I'm up there...he can't realize the depths of
my laziness just yet!

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