Barney & Robin

So on tomorrow night's HIMYM Barney is supposedly going to tell Robin how he feels about her. I don't know how I feel about that! On one hand, I really like the idea of Barney and Robin together. They are both awesome people and together would be even better. But on the other hand, that's scary territory! I mean, it will change the whole group dynamic. What if she's not interested? If she shoots him down, it will be awkward for both of them. If one of them left the show because it made things too awkward, well that would be horrible! What if she is interested? It's still going to change things! I mean, does this mean that Barney and Robin are going to be holding hands or kissing or whatever on the show? That's an odd change. But then again, Lily and Marshall are totally in favor of the union. So that would just make it possibly weird for Ted....but maybe he'll be happy for them too. But what if he's not happy for them? How would he fit into the situation? If Barney is dating Robin does that mean he'll stop being so...Barney-ish? That's what makes him so lovable! If Barney stopped being Barney then Robin might not be interested in him anymore, but if he keeps being Barney will she really want to date him?
Is it ever a good idea to develop feelings for a friend? Better, is it ever a good idea to voice those feelings? If you keep it inside, you just end up torturing yourself. But if you let it out, you risk changing everything. So what do you do? And yes...I really do have far too much time on my hands to over analyze a tv show to this extent. But what else am I supposed to do with my days?


Heto said...

Meh. I want Barney to be happy, but I don't like Robin. And I don't care if Ted feels left out, because I don't really like Ted, either. When I type it out like that, it seems silly to like a show where I dislike 40% of the characters, the the rest of them are so great!

We'll see what happens tonight, though!

As a rule, though, I think that if you like someone, it's best to let them know. If I didn't have to rush off to work, I would go into more detail. Write another post and I will comment some more later!

Heto said...

LAME! That's all I've got to say. Lamelamelamelamelame.