But I want it!

Scenario: Drive thru window at Hardee's at 9:00pm. Starving. Near death.

Drive-thru window person: Welcome to Hardee's. Would you like to try our *mumblemumblemumble*?
Me: Ummmm...no. Ummm...do you guys have a chicken strip combo?
Drive-thru window person: Yes
Me: Oh...ok. Ummm...do you guys have a Roast beef sandwich combo?
Drive-thru window person: No
Me: Oh. Ummm...do you guys have a roast beef sandwich?
Drive-thru window person: (clearly annoyed at this point) No
Me: Oh. Ummm...I guess I'll take that chicken strip combo then.


Emily/Randomability said...

Hardee's has Hot ham & Cheese. Roast Beef = Arby's! LOL!!!

K said...

Hardee's used to have roast beef! I remember because I have a horrible story associated with it but I wanted it anyways!