hurray hurray!

I just finished a 3-day work spree at my dream job...oh I wish one of their hygienist would leave! I know that he is a dream employer (and dreamy!) so they wouldn't leave because they are unhappy there. So my only hopes are: injury, pregnancy or moving. I hate wishing that someone would get injured (the reason that I got to work with them the past 3 days), so I'm hoping and praying that L (unmarried, unattached and unlikely) will get pregnant and then won't come back afterwards! K is married (I know...she should be the one to get prego if anyone would) so maybe her husband will get transferred and will have to move. I can only continue to hope...but a good sign is that Dr. Dreamy asked if I would be with them the rest of the week, but sadly I had to say no I wouldn't. Stupid permanent jobs...they get in the way of my dream job! I'm totally on a dream job high right now!

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