*cough cough cough* help

So I went on a little culinary adventure tonight. I decided to try my hand at roast pork tenderloin with a jalapeno pear glaze. Let me rephrase that...with a spicy jalapeno pear glaze. Perhaps that's not quite accurate either...you-might-seriously-die-when-you-eat-this jalapeno pear glaze.
I was standing over the glaze, pureeing it with my hand mixer..when I started coughing. (but don't worry, I didn't cough into the glaze!) Hmmm...why is that? Then I realized that the glaze was SO spicy that I could not breathe the fumes in. So I finished mixing then I tasted it....owwww! Now I like spicy food...but I don't like to see my life flash before my eyes. I mean, I don't normally eat jalapenos (it's a texture thing) so I don't know how spicy they actually are. Apparently I used too many.

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Nicole said...

I've totally done that! The fumes always feel more spicy than the finished product. But I did learn the hard way to take my contacts out before I handle any hot peppers. Worst. Pain. Ever.