Do We Really Still Live In A World Like This????

So I was asked by one of my jobs if I knew of anyone willing to come in and help on a day when I was not available. I said sure and called a girl I went to school with. This girl is incredibly nice and professional. She just so happens to be black and has a name that sounds...less than traditional. I explained to the office that Blah-blah would be coming in to help and that she would be there at 8:15. They said "Oh...Blah-blah. Is she foreign?" That question definitely threw me off so I said no....but she is black. Whatever...crazy people. Well! Turns out that's a problem. Not with them, the staff, but supposedly some of the patients wouldn't like a black girl working on them. Seriously? I know I live in the south...but we are just slightly past the 1960's. Segregation has been out for a long long time. I just couldn't believe that race would seriously be an issue.
It was with a sad, sad heart that I called Blah-blah and lied to her, saying the schedule had fallen apart and she wouldn't be needed that day after all. I hate that people are so ignorant! She is a person, who cares what color her skin is? If she's nice and professional, that should be all that matters...You aren't going to turn black if she touches you. You won't get a disease.


Nicole said...

That is crazy! I'm so sorry you were caught in the middle of that.

Kristi said...

That makes me sick - and your employer should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating it.