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So I have this theory...it's my dating theory. So most people, when they start dating, they try to be the nicest, sweetest person they can possibly be, right? Because you want to put your best foot forward, win the person over, whatever. But then...in 3 months or so...the real person comes out and you realize they pretty much suck. So here's my plan...well...it's what I do and it's worked thus far...kinda sorta...But at least I'm not wasting time, energy, or effort on undeserving people. There are 4 levels:

Level 1 - I'm nice. That's about all you get from me. I'm not overly gushy/try to talk to you more than necessary/hang out with you/be overly clingy. Niceness. You get treated how I treat my friends...I'm nice to you. Big deal, you say? Well...it is. I'm not nice to everyone. I could be mean. I could bring Grumpy Kristin out. But I don't. This is the level that Bubba is at.

Level 2 - I'm nice AND I begin to show little signs of affection. I bring you little gifts occasionally (mostly centered around food but I REALLY like food!). I'll talk to you more than absolutely necessary, see if you're having a good day, you know, stuff like that. Nothing major...but nice with some bonuses.

Level 3 - Not many people make it to this level. I cook for you (not often...but sometimes). I'll help with MINOR household chores IF I'm around and I feel like it. That means folding laundry, dishes...you know, easy stuff. I'll sit around and watch sports with you (and not ask 10 million questions).

Level 4 - Well...I can't say I've liked anyone enough to get to Level 4. So I don't really know what will go on at this level. I'm sure I'd do just about anything that the person wanted and I'd go out of my way to make them happy...but it's going to take a really really special person for that. And so far, that person does not exist. Voldemort was close...but, well, I wasn't made of weed so I wasn't quite what he was looking for.

So, see...my theory is that I'm nice in the beginning, but I only get nicer with time. And if someone is worth it, they'll get to stick around to see how nice (and unselfish) I could possibly get.


Heto said...

I forgot about Voldemort! You were close to a level four with him? Hmm. Do you think Bubba will make it past level one?

Voldemort said...

Wow. Voldemort huh. :(

Heto said...

Whoa, Voldemort has a blog? Sweet!