Seriously? Really?

Ok...so 3 dates, right? They've been going mostly good. I mean, there is the slight problem that I'm not really all that interested in Bubba...but that's minor. I could learn to like him. Maybe. What? I could! Then...today. *sigh* What in the heck happened today??? So I get there and he asks if I wouldn't mind paying for the movie, and he'll get the food....ok, not a great sign. But, as I like to make excuses for people: he is in school and he does only work part-time. While I'm not rolling in the dough, I at least am working full-time. And he paid for the first 2 dates on his part-time salary. So...ok, we can get past that.
THEN, we're in the movie. Things seem to be going ok, but nope, didn't even try to hold my hand. Again, not really a good sign. And don't say I maybe had my hands in an awkward position. It was there. It was ready to be held. Sitting there...just waiting. So we leave...and I get a one-armed hug. One arm! That is NEVER a good sign. Ugh. I hate dating. I mean, not a giant deal since, like I said...not all that interested in him. But him not liking me is NOT going along with my plan. So now I have to do some major damage control and fix things. Because I don't have a valid reason to not like him. He seems to be a nice guy (though we all know I am a terrible judge of character!)...if only there was some sort of spark. But it's like hanging out with...Josh Wilkie. Kinda like my brother, but NOT my brother, so if something did develop it wouldn't be uber-gross or illegal but at the same time it's absolutely impossible to imagine anything ever developing because he's more like a brother to me than a real guy. And liking your brother is gross.
Seriously? 3 dates? At least none of them have ended in a nice firm handshake.

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