So I had a message the other day from a mumbler but I could make out the words "Chloe from Peninsula Grill". I was thinking, I don't know anyone named Chloe and I did not call the Peninsula Grill (a super fancy but super delicious 4 star restaurant). For whatever reason, I returned the phone call - if for no other reason than to say I did not know why they were calling me. The girl who answered the phone said they were calling to confirm my reservation. Now the normal person's train of thought would probably go like this: "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number. I don't have a reservation." My train of thought - not normal: "What if someone decided to ask me on a date and called a really super nice place and made reservations and this is their way of asking me out???" I awkwardly tell the person that I don't think I have a reservation but she can check. (seemed like the right thing to say...after all, she called me!) So she is looking through the list and comes back on and says "I'm sorry, it must have been a wrong number." ugh! bitches! you tricked me....

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