Day 2

Food: Breakfast - 3 hardboiled eggs
           snack- rasp & blueberries. Lunch - grilled chicken, spinach, accidently 1 green bean. I should think before I eat but I'm a shoveler. Strawberries.
Snack: strawberries
           Dinner - ribeye w thyme, salt & pepper, tri color bell peppers cooked in organic butter.
Water intake: 66 oz
Fish Oil: taken
Stretched: full body
Workout: 400m run, 12 banded pullups, 8 handstand pushups, 40 jumps onto 45 lb weight....x4.
What I learned today: I need to learn to parallel park. I do not appreciate when people give me "the look" my dad used to give me growing up. Now it just makes me angry instead of me bursting into tears.

I feel good. Had a couple chip cravings today but nothing I couldn't handle!!

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