Day 3

Food: Breakfast - 3 egg omelet with tricolor bell peppers and mushrooms - got full about halfway through, or maybe just tired of eating eggs so I will eat the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. Had a kiwi afterwards to give my palate something sweet.
          Lunch - salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms & a ribeye. No dressing. 2 Strawberries for dessert.
          Dinner - Steamed salmon, carrots and onions
Snack: cucumbers and strawberries (not together) tonight was trivia night....not nearly as fun when you can't drink!!
Water Intake: 60 oz
Sleep: 9 hours - delightful!
What I learned today: Going to learn how to do a squat clean & a split jerk. Those are crossfitting terms. I don't really know what they mean just yet....
Fish Oil: Taken
Stretched: groin/hamstrings/shoulders/wrists
Workout: See above, what I'm learning.

Almost done moving. Decided to blog instead of carry stuff down to my car. But it's at least packed up. Then comes unpacking. Yuck.

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