Kung-Fu Kick!

I had to give up my ninja class, which I am a little upset about. Well...I guess I didn't have to but I'm cheap and it's the principle behind it! The gym started charging $40 monthly for the class PLUS the gym membership fee. It is the only class they charge for and I think it is a ridiculous amount. I mean, yes, I know it's cheaper than if I took the classes at a martial arts studio but this is the gym! So I said thanks but no thanks, I just won't take them anymore.
Instead I had planned on being able to maintain/improve on my own - between running and P90X. So far my attempts have been pretty bad. I made it through 1 out of 90 days on P90X...yes, that's right. I fell off the wagon on Day 2. Running...well...I ran 3.1 miles 2 weeks ago. Yeahhhh...that's not going so well either. I will blame the last 2 weeks on being sick and trying to get my house cleaned for a friend coming in town. Tomorrow starts a new week - a week that will include exercising!

*Oh! Side note - I kicked butt on my electricity bill this past month! $54!! Yesss!!!*


Emily/Randomability said...

Run, K, Run!!!

Heto said...

I am going to start the Couch to 5K program, if that is any motivation? What if my lardass can run faster than you?!

K said...

I haven't heard of that!! But I run a 5k pretty slow so it won't be that impressive :)

Emily/Randomability said...

I think we run right about the same pace... between 10-12 minute miles. :)