why why why???

Why do I have to date dumb boys? Seriously...let's take a quick look at this boy: 25, works at Best Buy (at least he's a manager), cannot hold a conversation (seriously...better conversations could be had with my dog. She would respond more intelligently, I promise.), lives with his dad...actually moved out of state, moved back in with his dad, and they just recently moved again...together.
He's cute...but dumb as a rock.
Our latest conversation:
Stupid: Hey it is Stupid
Me: Hey
Stupid: So what's going on?
*no response from me for 101 minutes*
Stupid: What's going on?
Me: Not much. Was working out. (not really...was at my ninja class, will tell more on that during NaBloPoMo!)
Stupid: Not bad yeah so how have you been?
Me: Good. You?
Stupid: Good.
Stupid: So you still at your old place?
Me: No I moved.
Stupid: You still in Charleston?
Me: yeah
Stupid: Well maybe we can hang out again
Me: Sure

Stupid stupid stupid me! Why did I say sure? I do not want to hang out with this boy. I'd rather slam my head against a wall then try to talk to the wall. Anyways, lucky me, then later receives a text pic from Stupid, just in case I'd forgotten what he looked like. No buddy, I remember but unfortunately I also remember how dumb you were.

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Heto said...

LOL I wasn't expecting a new post til November! Anyway, I think you need to find some smarter guys. What about the library? Lots of homeless guys hang out at the libraries in Toledo, but at least some of them read books!