Shaping our future

One of my patients came in today, 13 minutes late...but who's counting? I asked her if she was coming from work and she said she was. I asked what she did.
Her: "I'm a middle school teacher."
Me: "Oh. What do you teach?"
Her: "Music"
Me: "Oh. That's nice. Where do you teach at?"
Her: "Johns Island and West Ashley"
Me: "Oh. Do you go to one school a couple days and the other the other days?"
Her: "No. I be at Johns Island in the morning. I be at West Ashley in the afternoons."
Me: "Oh...at least you don't teach English" (ok...thought that last part to myself)

Question: Who be hiring these teachers with bad grammar? Want to know what's even worse about the situation? She has her masters! Didn't she have to be writing papers in school?


Anonymous said...

At least she don't be ending sentences with prepositions.

K said...

Not sure if I ended a sentence in a preposition or not because I really don't even remember what a preposition is BUT I'M NOT A TEACHER!

Anonymous said...

You said "Where do you teach at?"

'at' is a preposition, and that is something one should not end a sentence with.

Or, it is not something with which one should end a sentence.