Drinking before the dog park...or just plain country?

So I was at the dog park earlier letting Evie run around like the crazy puppy she is and these two girls walk in. They caught my attention because one was yelling at her dog "No Boone!" and swatting at him. I thought it was pretty mean since the dog appeared to be just standing there. Maybe she wanted him to move, who knows.
Anyways...one dog runs up to one of the girls and she says "Aw, you're cute what's your name?" Then she waits for the dog to respond. To her surprise...it did not. So she tries to look at the tag. Then Evie runs over...same thing "Aw, what's your name? Your little white socks are so cute?"...again, no response, so she checks the tag. She proceeds to go to each and every dog (about 8 of them) to ask each one their name and say hello.
Meanwhile...girl number 2 is around a couple of the dogs so she takes off running and says "come on guys!" The dogs stare like she might be insane. Of course shortly after that...Evie decides this girl is fun and runs after her. Weird little puppy of mine.
My conclusion: These girls either were drinking A LOT before coming out...doing drugs (and lots of them) or just really really country. Like Turkey, NC country...or Coosawhatchie SC country...I tried to see if they were slurring...but couldn't tell if they were or if that was just the accent. Guess I will never know.

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Heto said...

Maybe they're dog whisperers! Or they're talent scouts for the next season of America's Favorite Dog (which is a real show: http://americasfavoritedog.com/)!

Evie could be the next big winner!