My dog is a monster!

So my previously well behaved dog suddenly turned into a terror. As I'm sitting here typing, she is burrowing her nose under my arm....I'm thinking she wants attention. I will admit to not being the best dog owner for the past couple weeks. With Ed moving and all, I may have been paying more attention to him than to Evie. I didn't completely forget about her...she would go with me to his house, or go on walks with us. She went with us to watch the sunset...but I didn't sit and pet her or train her. Anyways...so this weekend while I was in St. Louis, Noam (that's the roommate) said he would take care of her, but he was going to only be stop by and let her out...he would be elsewhere. I was a little worried as to what she would do, but as far as I can tell she was well behaved. Today though! She ate my underwear...a pair I had just recently gotten too! And carried those and my tee shirt out to the living room...luckily I beat Noam home so that was an awkward moment avoided. She's also been ripping apart the cover to my duvet...grrr! We went to the dog park today though for her to run around (oh yeah, forgot that she ran outside today and ran WAYYYY down the street and did NOT come back. I had to chase her down and make her sit and then drag her back). I was hoping it would wear her out...we're playing fetch now so it did not work. We will sit and watch tv/do homework later on though (lots of fun for her I can assume)...hopefully with a little attention, she will turn back into my sweet little angel puppy that she was before!

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Heto said...

Hahaha! I mean, ooh, that's terrible!

Yeah, I'd say she's suffering from a lack of attention. She does seem like the kind of puppy who loves attention. Good thing she only chewed up a few things before you caught her!