movie night...er...weekend

Since I knew I was going to be super busy this weekend dog sitting, I rented a couple movies. Here are the verdicts:

27 DRESSES: ok...def not my favorite, but cute and allowed me to play online without missing much of the movie.
BLADES OF GLORY: Not as good as I was hoping...funny parts but glad the dogs were barking during part of the movie.
THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL: the book was much better. It seemed like the movie focused more on Anne than Mary. I think someone told me that when I got the book but I checked out the movie anyways. ***Side note: watching a Family Feud marathon right now and the category is something that gets harder as it gets colder. Someone said toothpaste. Stupid. Oh no...had to go back and add that one of the answers was nipples. Creepy.*** I also thought they left out some important parts, like having a monster baby and since in the movie Anne and her brother did not sleep together, no chance to make a monster baby. Not that I wanted to WATCH that part...but still feel like it may be important to the plot. I'd like to think that they wouldn't decapitate someone just based on hearsay that something happened. Oh! And at the end of the movie they said that the movie was purely fictional and not based on any individual or likeness, you know that whole warning so people can't sue and say that that's their story. But at the end of the book they said that due to some research they were able to write the book. Plus Anne Boleyn and King Henry's child was the future Queen Elizabeth. So even if loosely based on fact, there is still a little fact and they should have said it was a fictional story based on fact.

In other news: 3 dogs barking is really annoying! But 3 dogs snuggling with you is really cute...Oh and 2 of the dogs are really little so when they jump up, it doesn't phase you...but Evie sees it and thinks she can jump up too. My sweet little puppy...who got her eye scratched out by one of the little ones :(


Heto said...

Yeah, I totally agree that the book is way better than the movie. I watched it a couple weeks ago and was so disappointed! Granted, I'm not a huge Scarlett Johanssen or Natalie Portman fan anyway, but still.

Poor Evie! Does she need a fake eye?

Kristin said...

I'm contemplating getting her a glass eye if it doesn't heal...wonder if you can buy one on e-bay???