Oh no

I ALMOST FORGOT TO BLOG! I did nothing today - well...I didn't do nothing. I played on the computer, watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, washed sheets, bought the Mexi-mart out of baking soda. Checked out the guy behind the counter at the Mexi-mart. I'll be going back there. Don't lecture me. I know he works at the Mexi-mart! But he's cute...I'm just gonna look.
Then, C-squared got home (that's Chase & Clint) and Chase decided he needed help with his job. Finding songs about outer space. Don't bombard me with ideas. It'll be too late by the time you read this. I found 1 good song...everything else got rejected. But I can't help it that Britney Spears doesn't write about outer space.
Oh & since I'm leaving for Toledo tomorrow, I'm willing to bet I won't have a lot to say then (sorry Heather), so tomorrow I'll tell you about my 30 by 30 list.
Finally, I want cake. I'm hoping Heather got the hint earlier when I said "I want some cake. I was going to make some today but didn't feel like it. I hope I get cake soon." and realizes that I would like some cake when I come into town. You know, like a "Hurray! Les Miserables Cake!"

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Heto said...

HA don't get your hopes up. But I did find a cake recipe that I want to make soon. Maybe Saturday?

Also, you need to change your time zone. It shows that you missed Tuesday!